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Tombe, Victor !

Tombe, Victor !
" Tendre, émouvant, ensoleillé, universel "

vendredi 23 novembre 2012

3 commentaires:

Xersex a dit…

Il ne pouvait avoir un régarde plus masculin

Charles a dit…

Ce n'est que de l'eau, camarade.

Laurent a dit…

A genuine expression of several of the virtues we rightly celebrate - reinforced as Charles ironically suggests, but not defined its humidity. We cannot address more than a few such virtues in any one image, and we know better than to allow any image to seem to settle what their dimensions are. But this is a great portrait: porous and protected, strong and effusive, supple and stern, elegant and natural and timelessly radiant. We'll have to make this picture, we look for it openly enough.